Prof. Mak Yuen Teen

Professor at NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

Professor Mak Yuen Teen teaches at the NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. Professor Mak has served on three of the four corporate governance committees set up by the Singapore authorities to develop and revise the code of corporate governance, including the first committee in 2000 and the most recent committee under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) which released the 2018 Singapore Code. He currently serves on the Corporate Governance Advisory Committee under MAS aimed at continually raising corporate governance standards for listed companies in Singapore, and is a member of the Remuneration Sub-Committee.

He has produced a guide for Nominating Committees with KPMG, and served on the advisory panel of the Singapore Institute of Directors which produced the Nominating Committee Guidebook. Between 2000 to 2005, he served on the Governing Council of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

Each year, Professor Mak edits a collection of Asia-Pacific and global case studies which are published by CPA Australia and so far, ten volumes, a special financial services edition, and several volumes translated into Chinese and Vietnamese have been produced. In all, he has written or edited well over 200 case studies related to corporate governance.

Professor Mak has also produced numerous reports on corporate governance, often commissioned by the authorities or consulting firms. He developed the first corporate governance rating for Singapore companies called the Governance and Transparency Index and the first Singapore governance rating for REITs and business trusts. He was also the Singapore expert involved in the development of the ASEAN CG Scorecard.

In 2018, he produced the first-ever comprehensive report on remuneration practices of Singapore companies which covered more than 600 companies listed on the Singapore Exchange. He has extensive experience conducting training for directors, regulators and other professionals, including in the Mandatory Accreditation Program (MAP) and Financial Institutions Directors’ Education (FIDE) program, and programs relating to nomination and remuneration matters.

Professor Mak is also a regular commentator on corporate governance issues in the Singapore and international media, and regularly posts articles and commentaries on his website Governance for Stakeholders.

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