W. Chan Kim

Distinguished Professor and Co-Director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute, Co-Author of the forthcoming book, Beyond Disruption

W. Chan Kim is a Distinguished Professor and Co-Director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. Before joining INSEAD, he was a professor at the University of Michigan Business School, USA. He has also served as an advisor to several countries and multinational corporations in Europe, the U.S. and the Asia Pacific.

Prof Kim is the co-author of the Blue Ocean Strategy, which has sold over 4 million copies. It remains one of the best-selling business books in history. He has also co-authored Strategic Intuition, Blue Ocean Shift and the forthcoming book Beyond Disruption. To date, Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift teaching materials have been adopted by over 2,800 universities across the globe.

Prof Kim has published numerous articles in leading academic and managerial journals, including the Journal of International Business Studies, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Financial Times. The Journal of International Management recognises him as one of the world’s most influential academic journal authors in global strategy.

Prof Kim is the recipient of numerous academic and management awards, including the Nobels Colloquia Prize for Leadership on Business and Economic Thinking. In addition, he and his colleague Renee Mauborgne were named the world’s most influential management thinker by Thinkers50.

0930 - 1030

Wednesday 15th March

Virtual Keynote Address

Virtual Keynote Address

Co-author of The Blue Ocean Strategy​

Session: From Blue Ocean to Nondisruptive Creation