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LESA 2021 brought together 9,400+ participants, consisting primarily of senior leaders and top management from across the public and private sectors, from business to academic to non-profits, with one common goal: use business as a force to drive sustainable change in Asia.

“I was deeply moved by the sincerity and the overwhelming troves of knowledge that came through.” Greg Ahlstrand, China Daily | Hong Kong

As Asia balances between breathtaking economic development and global ascendance, it must grapple with poverty and income disparity, workforce upskilling, human rights and social issues, and climate risks. To continue growing sustainably, businesses and governments must act quickly and leverage technology and strong leadership to mitigate climate risks and empower human capital

LESA 2023 Pillars are Built Around Four Asia Relevant Themes​

No region in the world is more exposed to climate risk and broader sustainability challenges than Asia. These challenges go hand in hand with the challenge of reducing inequality, as those who will be most impacted by climate change will be vulnerable groups, including large populations who rely on the natural resources and agricultural sectors to feed their families. ​

Throughout the course of history, technology and innovation have been key elements for a more inclusive world, democratizing access to information, resources, and opportunities. Asia and the emerging world have led the way in the fight against inequality, leveraging technological disruption for greater financial inclusion and increasing access to work and educational opportunities, broadening the middle class and creating a more inclusive economy and society. ​

Just as Asia’s embrace of technology has allowed the region, its businesses, and people to flourish economically, can Asia do the same when it comes to embracing new, innovative, and more sustainable ways of doing business so it can continue to flourish? ​

In comparison to the west, time is running out more quickly for Asia, and the impact of climate change is already being felt with severe flooding and heatwaves impacting industries, jobs, and human health. Strong leadership and innovation across the spheres of policymaking, academia, and business will be crucial to make the transition to sustainable growth and avoid disaster. ​

LESA 2021, hosted by Asia School of Business, put forward the business mandate for leaders to urgently address the Climate Change(d) Economy. LESA 2023 will address the interconnections between Digital Transformation, Sustainability Leadership, Inclusive Human Capital, and the Skills of the Future, and how these pillars will enable a sustainable way forward for Asia before we run out of time.